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Yes, you can. Every newly incorporated company has up to 6 months to appoint a Company Secretary once the Company is incorporated.

No, the process is simple and all you need to do is to sign a Termination Letter with your current Corporate Secretary and it depends on how fast we can collect your statutory records from your previous Corporate Secretary.
Once we have all the required KYC information/documentations from you, the Company can be setup easily within a day.
Yes, let us get on a call to get you Started Correctly So You Can Grow Quickly!
We most certainly can do that but we will need to perform a KYC interview with your matched Local Nominee Director.
Yes, we most certainly can. All we require is to sit down and understand the current status of filings due and upcoming.

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They have a team of supportive and competent advisors and project managers who are always ready to help.
They listen and create solutions that are meaningful for us. And we appreciate that.
They are so nimble and agile. We are amazed how fast their reaction time is like whenever we throw curveballs their way. We do not take this for granted at all.
Trusted advisors that we feel safe to go to for any questions and idea generation.
Effective and Efficient. What more can we ask for? And they always provide perspectives that we have not considered.

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