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With modernisation, the playing fields of business have changed, with new means and methods are needed. Key services managed by Aggregate Consultancy Services have seen the burden lifted off the shoulders of our clients. Allowing them to grow and focus on their main core offerings.

Compliance Issues



91% of businesses plan to implement continuous compliance in order to reduce in compliance-related issues.
Source: https://drata.com/blog/compliance-statistics

Employee Retention



Companies that implement efficient HR solutions see a 40% increase in employee retention and satisfaction within the first year.
Source: https://www.upcounsel.com/hr-compliance

Operational Costs



Businesses in Singapore and in the region that have adopted a comprehensive or simple finance management solution(s) report a 30% decrease in operational costs related to financial processes.
Source: https://www.skillcast.com/blog/top-10-compliance-challenges-2024

Growth Targets



70% of Singapore-based businesses using integrated secretarial, HR, and finance services achieve their growth targets within two years.
Source: https://secureframe.com/blog/compliance-statistics

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Incorporation &
Corporate Secretarial Services

We will work with you on the optimal corporate structure for your business and provide corporate secretarial services that are clear-cut, efficient and innovative, while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

  • Company Incorporation

  • Company Secretary Services

  • Local Nominee Director Services

  • Registered Office Address Service

  • Taking Over from Existing Corporate Secretary

Human Resource Services

Our human resource solutions are designed to streamline your hiring and employee management processes, offering innovative and efficient services that support your business unique needs.

  • Payroll Management Services

  • Cloud-based HR Digital Solutions

  • Work Pass Applications

  • Employer of Record (EOR) Services

  • HR Managed Services

Finance & Tax Services

Our comprehensive finance services offer innovative, efficient, and clear-cut solutions, from bookkeeping to tax compliance, ensuring your operations run smooth and compliantly.

  • Bookkeeping Services

  • Cloud-based Accounting Digital Solutions

  • Annual Financial Reporting

  • Tax Optimisation and Advisory Services

  • Tax Compliance Services


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