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We are different from all the current corporate secretarial service providers.

We have built this our business to support current Business Owners and new startup ventures to start their business correct and grow their business quickly by removing all the administrative non-revenue generating activities off their hands, so that they can focus more on growing revenue for their business.


We are different from all the current corporate secretarial service providers, in that, we will take the time to speak with the Business Owners’ to understand their current problems and issues faced by the Business (i.e. lend a listening ear) and same time try to help them rethink their current processes or even offer solutions to help them propel their business to the next stage of growths. 

We saw a fundamental problem with all the current Corporate Secretarial / Accounting / Tax Advisory firms whom are either giving poor or bad advice to their existing clients and My Partner (Co-Founder) and I sat down and identified all the problems and issues faced by existing Pte Ltd companies and we studied this in detail and we turned it around and looked at how we can better service their clients. Because most of them don’t add value to their clients (i.e. How to grow or scale the company, how to access / apply for grants, how to digitize the client’s current process flow & etc.)

With that idea in mind, we went to market and grew organically over time, mostly thru referrals and thru that we also identified more problems / issues that clients currently face when speaking with them. Since then we have been linking up and partnering with more partners to provide more value add services to our existing clients / new clients.




Our Founders

Ian Pang

Founder & Managing Director

Wayne Siew

Co-Founder, Commercial Director
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